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Windshield Wipers - This is how my back windshield wiper looks. It looks like it's ready to go flying right off the hinges.
United States
May 8, 2008 11:04am CST
My windshield wipers was scraping against my glass so I went out and bought new ones. The ones at Sears came with these clips so I returned them, and went to Walmarts. Theirs were cheaper for the same ones I got at Sears. So I went to my car and tried real hard to get them on. They kept slipping off. I asked God for patience, and finally had them on. My brother was so perplexed and told me that I need to have the screws on. I told him my car don't need any screws. They're fine. So about a few days later, I go to clean my windows, and notice the back windshield wiper was not getting the wet spot. Got out of my car, and it was hanging off. Now I try to get it back on, and it goes on backwards and for the life of me, I couldn't get it off. I tried so hard and eventually it loosened. I put it back on and now it looks strange, and I do not want to go out now that it is raining. I am afraid my windshield wipers will fly off while driving on highway. I do not want to go to my mechanic because I did not buy them from him. What am I to do? Lorraine
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@winterose (39893)
• Canada
8 May 08
do you know anyone who knows anything about putting them on properly for you, but it does sound like you need to exchange them or listen to your brother. Wish I could think of something else that you could do.