Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii

@M11ty2 (70)
May 8, 2008 2:08pm CST
Is it fun? Hell Yeah! but it is a lot like the old one. You can't even use the wii remote. There are new characters. That is a big plus. Pit is my personal fav. I think this is a good game and I reccomend it to every1 who has a wii.
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@lukuak (85)
• Argentina
8 May 08
yeah its super! i have it and i cant stop playing xD my fav. characters are pit and lucas is very good too! he can use fire ice and psychic attacks, and the final smash is great, i recommend you that characters to use :)
@M11ty2 (70)
9 May 08
just to let everyone know, i know you can use the wii remotes. it is just easier to use gamecube controler
@levito (4)
• Netherlands
10 Jul 08
Yes ofcourse it's fun! it has much better graphics, I think. You can use the wii remote. But they didn't use the possibilities of the wii remote. I still dont understand that fully. Doesn't take the fact away that it is one of the coolest games i've ever played. My personal fav is toon link. the first 3 days i had this game, i almost played it non-stop. haha.
• India
1 Jun 08
its ok but for an high level player like me ...its not as challenging as it once was.