Stuff that really annoys me and everyone else

@M11ty2 (70)
May 8, 2008 4:02pm CST
Before you read this, look at my other discussion called: stuff that annoys everyone around you Hey everyone it is me again and i have another count down of how annoing computers can sometimes be. this is the top 3 worst things that have ever happened to me with my computer. 3. Has anyone ever had a computer that would freeze ever 20 minutes. it was so annoying and i could never actually play, or do anywork on my computer without always having to restart it. Imagine you are doing some type of homework, and right when you finish and are about to save the computer freezes. =( 2. Has anyone ever gone on any websites to watch any videos and stuff like that. i do too, well i hate it when they try to scare you with those pop up pictures and screams and stuff like that. it isn't rlly scarey, it is just that it is annoying. I know some ppl like to watch that kind of stuff but i don't. 1. Ok here is the most annoying thing that has ever happened to me before on the computer. also most frustrating. one day i get assighned a term paper, and like most people i blow it off to the last week. so the day i start do it , there is a thunder storm so i am all like "what the heck, i have a generator, the power won't go out on me. so when i am about 3 quarters done with, what do you know the power went out. i was freaking out cuz i was on the computer for hours, and i almost lost all my info. i said almost lost all, i lost about half uf what i wrote down!!! this is why you should save your work every 5 minutes during a thunder storm. well i hoped you enjoyed another 3 days gone wrong. remember to look and my discssions, and comment if you like it. BYE!!
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