do you go alone shopping?

my bugoy - riding on a toy car doing a shopping at sm cebu. i got very tired at that day since my bugoy is sooooooo naughty.
@nilanym (184)
May 8, 2008 10:03pm CST
me, id rather to be alone doing the shopping. it makes me think of clearly as to what to buy or not. i can concentrate on myself and bring on the budget. unlike bringing with you your kids or husband. we can be out of the budget especially with kids they have to say buy this and that and running around chasing them. and with the husband, it gives me frustrations seeing him to just get the product directly and not looking at it if its with good quality or if its too expensive for our budget. how about you, what's your opinion? happy mylotting!
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@chirantani (1379)
• India
9 May 08
Hi!! I sometime go for shopping alone,I don't feel bad or alone,as buying new thing,I am always fond of going shopping thats why. I also like to go with my family,specially in weekends.
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
9 May 08
Hi There. Most of the time, I am with my family or friends when shopping because I love to have a company... it is the time on where I get to spend moments with my friends as well especially the girls. Goodluck! Cheers!
@moneyandgc (3429)
• United States
9 May 08
I like to shop with my husband actually. He can be a pain to grocery shop with though. There are times when I have really enjoyed shopping by myself. Most of the time I would rather be with someone else though. I like to talk while I shop. If nobody is with me I end up talking on my phone anyway.