May 9, 2008 3:37am CST
do u considered that life is a gift..? why or why not?
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• Philippines
9 May 08
Personally, I consider life as a gift from God. He created us and gave us life for a purpose - to give glory to Him. But sadly, most people doesn't realize that life is a gift we need to live for God who gave us. I am so thankful day and night because I have life, physically, and spiritually. I hope that God will help me to live this life for His glory. Thank you.
• Philippines
11 May 08
heheh... life is a gift from God, that we must to take care... and enjoy.... then we must thanks God for giving us life....
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
yes i consider that life is a gift from God because he is the one who made us though we dont really know what we really come from but thats what we believe that he made us through adan and eva! life is a precious thing that we have to make it more importance and be more thankful to him .. because he gives all this things to us without any favorable inreturn he ask for from us.. he offer it freely and lovely!