How if you find out that YOU'RE PARTNER WAS A CRIMINAL?

May 9, 2008 10:26am CST
wha... it sounds scary!!! I even wonder, how could that i post such discussion here? lol. Yeah, for me, at first i will a little bit change the way to treat him, i feel a little scary (how about if he makes me on of his victim?)... I probably dig his history (if possible i will go check to the police). Hm... its scary right?
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@myklj999 (38768)
• Olney, Illinois
9 May 08
What were his crimes? Did he serve his time? How did you find out he was a criminal? How long have you been together? A thousand questions come to mind; the most important-DOES IT MATTER? People can change; maybe he just did some dumb stuff when he was younger.
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• India
10 May 08
It depends on the type of crime, if thats just a harmless act of self defence, or an unfortunate accident, i would rather let it go. But if its intentional and really fishy crimes, i would better stay away... yeah its scary to imagine that, we could be one of the next victims. But has to be strong enough proof for that. I better make sure and find out and make a move...
@bellaofchaos (11549)
• United States
9 May 08
It depends on his crimes? Do we constantly judge a person on their past. For example say it was assualt with a deadly weapon. You later find out the deadly weapon was a bat and that he was protecting another person or a family member. would you change your views on him. I know people who have been on probation for theft they were young and stupid and they changed and are no longer like that .. It depends on the crime, when it happened, and what the circumstances were.. There is no cut and dry answer to this due to the numerous possibilities out there. Have a nice one.
@lvaldean (1612)
• United States
9 May 08
Saying "your partner" means to me that you are in a long-term relationship with this person. If this is the case and he has not revealed to you his past then I would be concerned, possibly even I would end the relationship. If he is not someone that you have a long-term relationship with then I would consider the circumstances of his "criminal background". Is it minor? How long ago? What has he done since that time? How long have you been in this relationship? There are times when we don't reveal everything about ourselves early in a relationship, he maybe simply hasn't felt comfortable telling you yet.
@jillbeth (2710)
• United States
9 May 08
If it were an old criminal record, I would probably try to overlook it, if he was living a decent life in the present. We all make mistakes. If he were still doing criminal activity, I would break up because many women end up in jail for things their men are doing. Even if it were a risk to my life, I would take that chance over spending my life in jail.