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May 9, 2008 11:46am CST
I was watching TV yesterday and Jerry Springer came on...While I was flipping through my cable to find a different show to watch I could hear this girl complaining about her boyfriend in the military. So, of course, I left it on Jerry Springer. She was saying that he said he didn't tell her that he was in the military until 2 weeks before he left for Iraq and that's why she decided to cheat on him. Then, when he came out on stage, she told him that he chose his country over her! She said he could've gone to his "boss" and tell them that he didn't want to go so that he could stay home with his girlfriend! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! First of all, his "boss" is his Commanding Officer. If he said that to his CO he would've been in so much trouble, he wouldn't be able to see straight. Second of all, if he chose just not to go...he would've spent at least the next 5 years in prison. Which is better...him away for 1 year doing what is right so that she has the right to complain about his decisions OR 5 years in prison doing what she asked? She then told him that she no longer wanted to be with him because he chose his country over her and she was sleeping with his best friend. His best friend is beneficiary on his life insurance policy and when he said he was gonna change it his friend said, "You better not!" He said that he needed his best friends life insurance money so he couldn't take him off as beneficiary. There are so many things wrong with this story that it makes me angry. How can anyone think that being in the military is wrong? People gave us the freedom to say we don't agree with the military. People gave us the freedom to be in the military or stay out on our own volition. People, like some of my friends, died to give all of us the freedoms that we have now. But to say that he chose his country over her...what country does she live in if he chose HIS country over her? And then to have a friend say that they're going to stay with your girlfriend and want to keep your money because they won't get a job? IT'S RIDICULOUS! Okay, enough talking on my end...it just really upset me because I was in the military and I know A LOT of people who are still in fighting for the freedoms we have every day...If this makes you upset, let me know. What else makes you angry?
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@mrspace (60)
1 Jun 08
Wow. I... wow. I'm speechless. I have been a military "spouse" of some sort for the last 4 years. This is the most rediculous thing I've heard. Well... I guess I can't say that. I hear sob stories and horror stories like this often. And it makes me ashamed. It's women like her that give us a bad name. My fiance served 2 tours and I could not be more proud of him. For the next 4 years the military can call him back at ANY time, with almost NO notice. And do you know what? That's okay. Because he is an HONORABLE and BRAVE man, who is fighting for OUR freedom. And I don't know how she could cheat on him! Granted, everyone has those moments when a cute guy walks by and you think to yourself "damn". But that's as far as it's EVER gone for me at least. Because I know that I have one of the few and the proud to come home to. And he's my world. I... oh my goodness I am so angry to read this. It just makes me sick to my stomach.
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2 Jun 08
It made me so angry which is why I posted it. Thank your husband every day for all of us. We all really appreciate it. Including myself because I couldn't make it as far as he could. Thank you for the comment.