Mentoring we all have had one!

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May 9, 2008 12:59pm CST
From the dawn of time there have been "Mentors"! Your teacher,that tole you had it in you to do whatever. The old man,or woman across the street that showed you how to do something. Your Mom,Dad,big sister,or brother. All were mentors in your life. Now you may or may not have what they saw in you then. You can have the same type of "MENTORING!"You may not have them in your life now,but there is a way to have a mentor. Answer this question. If you had a chance to set down with one of the worlds top motivational speckers. Would you? Yes you would! If someone coach you in making allot of money. Would you listen? I'll leave that up to you. But we all know the answer to that one. What in blazese are you talking about Hillsman? I'm talking about the Mentors Club. What is the Mentors Club? Okay! I tell you just "hold your horses." You have the oppotunity to have all of the worlds top, mentors,and millionairs, to listen to their tapes,lecher,talks,and guides. Teaching you what they did to make it,like they have it today.You know as well as I to go and see "Tony Robins" would cost you one of your arms,maybe a tooth. At $1500.00 just to set and listen and maybe buy a book. The same thing is with "Les Brown." Now the Mentors Club. They have those guys at the site. If you are a member you can have full access to the tapes lecthers,and the hold "Kick,and Kabootal!" For less than a $1.00 aday. I invite you to join me and all of the other smart people to the Mentors Club. Alright Hillsman! Where do I go for this Mentors Club? MAN! Don't rush me,Ill tell ya! DAMM! You really do need mentoring. OKAY! Go here and join! I ain't writing this stuff for nothing. If you think that you can't improve on your life. Then don't go,but if you want make some changes in your life. Go to, Now go there and do something about your life.Also you can make some money they will tell you all about that. Only when you go to You know some people you have to tell them 2 times. Hillsman P.S. Just tell them that The Hillsman said put you in. You know and I know that you need it. "NOTIN BUTT LUV!"
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9 May 08
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