Favourite city you have travelled to

May 9, 2008 1:42pm CST
What is one of your favourite cities that you have been to? Actually it is quite difficult as there are so many wonderful things together in a city. I just love London, Paris, Hong Kong, Cape Town. How about you my dear mylotter friends?
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• Canada
9 May 08
I recently returned from one of my favourite cities in the entire world, Sedona Arizona, USa. I am back in Canada, but I just got back from a half a year in Sedona with my husband. He works down there. He's still down there, I had to come home alone, since I'm a Canadian citizen, and he's an american. I miss him, but it is good to be home again.
10 May 08
Thanks for sharing. I am going to South Africa for a couple of weeks soon as I need to go and attend to some business and my hubby is staying behind here on the island. It is always good to go back home for a while but my home is where my husband is and that makes it soooooo hard. Hope you survive and that it won't be too long before you are re-united. Have never been to your part of the world or the USA but it is on our list!
@maximax8 (31164)
• United Kingdom
12 May 08
My favorite city is Sydney in Australia. I loved seeing the glorious looking harbor, the white sails of the opera house and the amazing looking harbor bridge. I liked walking in the pretty botanical gardens seeing the beautiful plants and the friendly parrots. It was wonderful to go to the lovely beaches north and south of the harbor. I liked going out to the cool blue mountains and the stunning Pittwater National Park. Other cities that are in my favorites list are San Francisco with the stunning Golden Gate bridge, Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Salzburg and Lisbon for their superb architecture and lovely settings. I would love to spend time in a city that has a rich history and a magical looking setting. Cape Town and Vancouver are cities that I think that I would love to go to. They might gain places in my favorites list. Happy traveling.