alternative to staying in an unhappy marriage

@mikeysmom (2091)
United States
May 9, 2008 3:58pm CST
for me personally, aside from my son being very upset, fiancial reasons are what has kept me in an unhappy marriage for years. i would literally have to be away from my son most of the time to make ends meet and he would have to be in after care after school and in some kind of a daycare/camp all summer long. i would most likely have to work more than one job and we would most likely only be able to afford an apartment and most apartments are not in the greatest areas, at least around where we live. many of my friends are in the same boat so we were talking and we said that a bunch of us should make plans to divorce, sell our homes and co-habitate. we could take the profits from the sales of our homes and buy a good sized house, we could each work but make a schedule so there would always be one of us home with the kids and take turns cooking etc. sounds ideal doesn't it? i think it could work with up to 3 woman who get along really well that each have no more than 2 kids. all the bills in the household could be divided accordingly. so what do you think?
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