May 9, 2008 8:55pm CST
well all must have also heard the saying that LOVE IS BLIND then please do tell me that if love is blind then why do people do it.What is the charisma vand reason behind it because as far as i have seen that there is not a single person on this earth who has not fallen in you agree with me.
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@peierlin (57)
• China
10 May 08
In my opinion, "love is blind " can be understood in this way, when you fall in love with somebody, you will do something that you won't do before as you think it's stupid or a waste of time to do so. For example, you will spend a few days making a gift for your lover just for winning his/her smile; you will spend an hour or more dressing up yourself just for looking well before him and so on. For people who are in love they are enjoying the process. Maybe love is blind, but love is such a wonderful thing.