May 10, 2008 8:00am CST
How do you create own blog here on mylot,if do it ,will it take some time to review? everyone,can you give a satisfied answer?
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@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
16 May 08
I had visit your website. It look good though I cannot understand even a word cause its all in chinese letter. maybe should ask Mom to read it for me.
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• China
16 May 08
LOL,my site is the Chinese website,perhaps it is relatively difficult,i am glad that you can visit my site,the future i will do an English wesite.thanks for your comments!
@ltmoon (1008)
• United States
13 May 08
First thing is you have to already have an active blog with a reasonable amount of content posted to it. You can't "start" a new blog on myLot. According to myLot your blog must be at least 4 months old and have been consistently updated with new content. They don't say how much content is necessary, but I would guess at least one update per week so 16+ entries at the minimum, I'd suggest having at least 30 quality posts. myLot goes on to say that the blog must be entirely in English, the blog should not be entirely or even mostly commercial, nor should it be so personal as to have little appeal to other readers. You need to understand some of the terminology for blogging - "what is feed url? what is viewer url?" - and such so you are ready to post and claim your blog on myLot. Here's the blog-posting terminology explanation for blogs on myLot: viewer url - this is the actual URL of your blog. Here is one of my blogs as an example: feed url - this URL is the one that provides the feed of your blog to a reader outside of your actual blog-site. "Feeds" are like RSS, Atom, or FeedBurner, they are what you "subscribe" to get someone's blog content sent to your email or to the reader application. Below is my FeedBurner "feed URL" to subscribe to the blog I listed up above: Then to "claim" your blog you have to place a snippet of code on your blog, usually a short line in the HTML heading area, or you have to post an entry to your blog with a link-back or some other little piece of code. This is to prove that you are the owner of the blog, or at least have administrative/publishing rights to the blog you want to claim. After posting the code snippet, you tell myLot to verify your blog and they may have someone manually check your blog by visiting it and looking for the "claiming post" or they have a "bot" that searches for the code snippet in the HTML. As I mentioned earlier, you first need to have an active blog. You can start one many different places. Popular FREE blog hosting sites are Blogger/Blogspot, Wordpress, EasyBlog, TypePad, Blogster, Spaces @ MSN, and Yahoo!360. You can do a search for blog hosts and find hundreds of other free blog hosts. Good luck & Cheers!
• China
14 May 08
Wow,mylot blog on the requirements of such a high level,now i have a blog,but it is Chinese,and the newly established soon,i might not be here,setting up a blog. Thanks for you response!