Seven elderly fitness warning

May 11, 2008 6:43am CST
1,Warning Haste Has just begun training for the elderly,may wish to gradually increase the amount of exercise each week to participate in exercise at least three times,each time not more than 20 minutes later to gradually increase the number of training exercises,and each time and perseverance. 2,quit a separate exercise The elderly in particular are suffering from heart disease of the elderly,it's best not alone exercise to ensure safety. 3,quit over-strenuous exercise. Sprint,long-distance swimming,due to excessive consumption of physical strength,not suitable for the elderly in general.High jump,long jump,aerobics,and other items easily have been caused osteoporosis bone fractures in the elderly. 4,bad wether warning Most of the elderly to participate in sports slow response,bad werather could trigger all kinds of incidents,especially the high-temperature,Qi Han,blowing wind,rain,snow,etc... 5,warning only engaged in a training As long participated in a training and interest may often ,may wish to select a few more items of interest,not only add interest in training,and more beneficial to the body. 6,preparatory activities not quie Before training the elderly,be sure to do a good job in preparatory activities,such as bending knees,loose muscles,and so do deep breathing. 7,quit wearing training shoes Some think that training exercise on the elderly to wear shoes so that Shututonggui feet of the elderly do not know already,easily in jured when the train.
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