Cooking as a career for men....

@alcazar (761)
May 11, 2008 11:36am CST
I have a friend of mine...who really loves to cook and has a great time while doing that and trying new recipes and he wants to persue his career in cooking but is unsure as he has pressure from his parents...... What do you think is the scope of him as a cook....and what should he really do????
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@jerzgirl (8412)
• United States
11 May 08
What kind of pressure are his parents putting on him? Does he already have a job in the industry and wants to expand it or is he doing something else and they're afraid of his failing if he quits one to start the other? I'd say for him to go with where his passion is - it's much easier to do well when you love what you do. If he's not already doing something along these lines, then he'll probably have to do a little research to find out if it's doable in his area or not. Is he planning to go "solo" or will he initially hire on as a cook? Does he have background and credentials to offer? All those things he'll need to consider if he's just starting out. I can understand their concerns if 1) he lives with them and 2) they're helping support him. But, if they're only concerned because he's a man and they don't think cooking is manly, then he needs to simply do it because, as pointed out, chefs have historically been men and there are plenty of "manly" chefs around in the public spotlight. Don't let their fears stand in his way if he has a definite plan laid out.
• India
11 May 08
why not??? i m from service industry which includes hotels and airlines and i have seen that majorly all the chefs are men. n also i firmly believe that one should jus follow their heart. if he is really interested in cooking as a career he should jus do it coz only that will make him happy.