Least favorite activity in caring for your cat?

@scribe1 (1207)
United States
May 11, 2008 4:34pm CST
My least favorite activity is cleaning other places that the cat has used as a litterbox, followed by cleaning the litterbox itself. One of my cats, Mimi, produces a poo that stinks up the whole house. Second in line is paying the vet bill, followed by taking the cats to the vet in the first place.
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@mcat19 (1357)
• United States
12 May 08
Above all is taking a cat to the vet. The last one to go was Arthur; he pees in his carrier and is so thoroughly miserable the whole trip. He needs a towel to hide under and behind. Next would be patrolling to discover where Peaches peed out of the box. It's a contest that she wins a lot more than I'd like.
@Mickie30 (2631)
11 May 08
It has to be changing my cats litter tray. Although he has started to go outside now and doesn't tend to use his litter tray anymore so it is not as bad. He is a good boy by going out when he needs it.
@Adelida2233 (1008)
• United States
11 May 08
I think everyone who owns a cat is right there with you on the litter box issue. I wish I had one of those cats that they showed on youtube that actually used the toilet..and flushed! I really want to get one of those litter boxes that is self-cleaning. I'm not entirely sure that Dolce(my Siamese) would use it, but the idea of only having to pull out a tray and dump it out instead of dealing with a whole bag if dirty litter enthralls me. The things are like $250 dollars though. That's one of the (many) things that I want to use my mylot money for. I have a whole list of items that I want/need and this is at the top of the list(right after a roomba). I don't mind taking Dolce to the vet. The car ride is the easy part. She loves riding around in the car and actually sits on the front seat and looks out the window. Actually getting into the vet's office, however, is a different story as she now recognizes the building from the car.