ATM ripped me off!

May 11, 2008 7:42pm CST
I am so mad...I used a ATM at a local corner store, one of those single small sketchy looking ones and it stole my $60.00. The transaction did not complete then I got a receipt that said the "funds were fully reveresed" but looked in my account and it took out the $60. The store manager gave me a phone number to call the owner of the machine, the man was no help and all he said was "dispute it with the bank". I went to the bank and showed the receipt saying funds were fully reversed but actually were not and she said "this happens all the time and most the time we arent able to return the money from those types of ATMS". I said what if it was like $500 Id be out that much just for using a bad ATM?" She said that happens all the time at casinos and were no able to do anything. So this means most likley im out 60$ just for using a stupid ATM even though i have receipts to prove it, it is just ridiculous. The "investigation should be dont this week so I still need to find out, if I dont get the money back does anyone know if there are further steps I can take to get it back?
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