just got back from a weekend in algonquin park!

May 12, 2008 12:21pm CST
The weather was perfect! Not a bug in site! The campground had no more than 5 other campers. we had the lake to ourselves. I even got a "bite" but that was it. That was all i needed to add to this perfect canadian weekend! A beaver came up on the grass and gave us a little show! Any one else venture out ?
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• United States
12 May 08
not me this weekend.it's been rainy and windy. maybe next weekend will be better.i want to go to the shore and look for sea glass.
• Canada
13 May 08
hi scarelet_woman, the weather has never put a damper on any of our trips. When it is "snowing" and cold i teach the little ones how to play poker! When it is too sunny and hot I teach them how to bead or crochet. There has never been a time i was ever bored with them. They have been bored, but I think it is because they are so programed to be "entertained". (tv, fast action video games). When i say the weekend was grand I left out the part my 17 year old stayed home happy to be away from my constant control! thank you for your comment!