Kids Say the Funniest Stuff

May 12, 2008 8:00pm CST
Kids are so adorable - they blurt out things that just make you laugh your lungs out. Their candidness, innocense and cleverness are just so cute. What are some stories that you have about kids saying the funniest stuff?
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@Sherry12 (2475)
• United States
13 May 08
This was so cute, but embarrasing for my son and daughter-in-law. My grandson and my neice who were at the time about 5 and 6 years old, were getting to stay all night with their grandpa, my dad. When it was shower time, grandpa asked who wanted to take their shower first. One of them asked if they could take their shower together. Grandpa replied that girls and boys don't take showers together. My grandson said "Well, my mommy and daddy take showers together all the time." My dad enjoys telling this story.
• Philippines
13 May 08
teeheehee. that's real cute sherry. kids really look up to their parents huh? heehee, at least their parents are not fighting :) thanks for droppin by, you may post more stories if you still have some :)