What do you or your children thinl about the SATS that just finished?

May 13, 2008 3:36am CST
I find that the amout of stress from the tests does more bad than good. Post your thoughts.
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@Anne18 (11034)
13 May 08
Well my children haven't done any stats this year, I do know children have been getting very stressed out about them. On the radio this morning they were discussing the sudject and they came up with the fact that the children aren't really learning anything apart from how to be tested and pass tests! and that there are too many tests for them to take. I agree. I have a child going into yr 6 in sept and twins going into yr 4 in sept. Oh and a 19 yr old (can't really miss her out)
15 May 08
It isnice to know that people agree with what i mean.]