how to fund your own fees for your own edducation??????????

May 13, 2008 6:18am CST
can you imagine that todays youth is capable of doing anything from army to space we are every where.We have to start standing on our own legs .IS there a way of it lets find out you through you guys.
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@chubibo (295)
• Philippines
15 May 08
since we live in a third world country, where education is too expensive..what we usually do is find a part time job and lesser our loads in school to compensate for the time.. though we take an extra year to graduate, but it is worthy because we get rewards from our own sweat, that is to land a good job
• Thailand
15 May 08
You may applied for a scholarship or make a loan. There are some banks offer a loan for education. And try to get a part time job.
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
13 May 08
If we get a partime job then i think we would be able to fund our own education. Today's generation is doing this very much and its a great thing to fund your own eduction. I think it would be possible only if we get a partime job which is not difficult to get in today's job market.
@Pitgull (1522)
• United States
14 May 08
It's difficult in the job market in America. The last 4 months we've been on a decline. What about students who go to school away from home, not knowing their parents wouldn't be able to help them? What about the student who is told they will get the money they need for books, if they sign this student loan, and then they realize in actuality, they only got the rest of their education paid for? The only job I could find, considering everyone who lived at my school had first dibs, it took too long to earn enough to even purchase a book, all the while I am going to class, trying to work. I didn't have enough for my books, to start class some of the problem isn't in funding it, it's getting started, getting the money you need INITIALLY to start school. You need your books the first day of class, or you miss everything. I was forced to drop out of class, because I couldn't afford my reading material. I was told I was hired at several jobs, only to find out they weren't hiring? I couldn't get a job at Wal-Mart, not with my Regents Diploma, AP scores, or anything. I'm from out of state.... I had to leave the dorms, and go back home to Ny, during breaks, so instead of being able to find a job on my off time (very busy student) I had to go home, so I'd have somewhere to live because I didn't make money going to class..... Sorry for this long story, but the cost is ridiculous, EVERYONE in our country should be educated, we've proven this is beneficial and will help our country prosper, why can't we fix this issue...
@killer_s (121)
• Indonesia
14 May 08
i think we can looking for a part time job and apply a scholarship for our study. it will less cost to complete our study
@kitty_7 (280)
• Netherlands
13 May 08
Of course, you can attempt to apply a following ship, Then you maybe partly being supported by some funding, or totally be supported! And you can also try to find some part-time or full-time job for support your study! And you can also earn online, in Mylot! : )