What do you do to annoying people?

May 13, 2008 7:19am CST
I have been around some people that i find seriously annoying. When i am using the computer they keep talking to me and distracting. When i watch a movie or a series on TV there are tons of comments they make. And people who make lame or hurtful jokes. I got so pissed with someone who made some silly jokes. They weren`t funny so i literally told her off and i do not intend on speaking with that person ever again. Do you think such people should run their mouth like that? What will you do?
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• Indonesia
13 May 08
well, joke should make people laugh, not annoyed. of course i will be annoyed by the annoying people. but...i should confess it. sometime i intensely annoy people. in that condition, i will be very annoying . for instance, if my sister and my mother is watching an annoying soap opera on TV during the prime time (so i can watch american idol or my other favorite programs). i will do exactly like people your mentioned do: making tons of comments, guessing the story, guessing who will cheat whom....