The Invasion of Iraq

@zwesto (67)
South Africa
August 19, 2006 7:23am CST
Do you think it was justfied???Did it bring good or bad for the people?
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@anup000 (219)
• India
19 Aug 06
It is justified. Simply because someone out there would have carried out genocide of a particular race/sub-race. Secondly, someone out there would have aided terrorist activity. It will take some time to bring back peace. Option is there to have a democratically formed government to rule.
@jermwil (104)
• United States
19 Aug 06
Did it bring good or bad for the people of Iraq? It most definently brought good. I've been there twice now.....and I know first hand that the majority are thankful. One thing that irritates me is that the news media doesn't show this side. We've built schools, helped orphanages (not orphans as a result of the war), and given the people a chance to make decisions on their own without fear of religious and governmental retribution. Freedom is sweet!!! Jerm