rice or bread for dinner?

May 13, 2008 10:08am CST
for others they prefer bread and for others too like us, we prefer rice for dinner since it is our staple food. how about oyu? which do you prefer ? rice or bread for dinner?
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@chirantani (1382)
• India
13 May 08
Hi!! Hmmmm!! Bread is good,as I don't feel hungry for a long time,but I will prefer rice,its tastes so good,and it is full of carbohydrates,will also lead to a good sound sleep at night.I feel sleepy even in the table,whenever I take it during dinner.
• Philippines
13 May 08
hehehe.. your funny... really? you wanted to sleep whenever you will eat rice?
@sanzi1201 (644)
• China
15 May 08
Rice.But I like to eat steamedbread sometimes .Both rice and bread I like .So,I'm a easy-going girl.haha
@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
14 May 08
I will prefer rice, as it's much more filling.. Very seldom i will take bread as a meal because it's not filling enough for me.. But for snacks, yes, bread will be a perfect choice for me because it gives me the energy i need for just the next few hours.. I will have to eat rice for dinner as i'm a night person, and also to prevent myself from snacking again or supper b4 bed ^_^
@mommy_uv3 (109)
• United States
14 May 08
i prefer rice, if i could i would eat it everyday but my husband hates it, i am lucky if i can get him to eat it twicea month.
@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
13 May 08
as like you, our staple food in here also rice. from breakfast till dinner, we usually eat rice than any kind of bread. but at this moment, i keep away myself from eating rice due to my carb diet well, honestly, its difficult to do since there is any kind steorotipe in my society, if we haven't yet eat rice for our meal, it means we haven't yet eat anything
@Pitgull (1523)
• United States
13 May 08
I absolutely love rice, but I can never turn down good bread. I love the taste. Bread is one thing I know I can eat and I wont be hungry right after....and it's so soft...bread lol