How can you trust your friend? have a attitude like this!!!

May 13, 2008 12:29pm CST
I have a friend we talk a lot about all what happen in our life. we share all the good things and the bad things experience etc. the problem is in front of me he didn't tell anything else what the problem, if I have done something wrong to him and i don't know he getting mad to me. for me it's ok.. the only one thing i don't want to him. he telling negative about me is it not true. He is a back fighter person. If you have a friends like this can called them a Friend?
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• Philippines
21 Jun 08
a back fighter friend-yes i can still consider him or her as a friend.This is the moment where you can show him that you are concern and you caring to what attitude he had.Once you caught her /him telling bad and untruthful things then talk to him directly that he has that attitude and make him realize that he have to change .Once you did that and he still wont change then that is the deal that you will broke the friendship you have with him . That's it Cousin--that was my perception about the topic
@teka44 (3421)
• Brazil
13 May 08
Hi syller welcome to mylot. He is not a friend of course. Stay away from these kind of people. A good friend never telling negative about you and if you make something wrong to him he tell you what you do is not right so you can say I beg your pardon I will try to never more do it again. good luck
@clamee (63)
• Philippines
13 May 08
ohlala he back stabs you? if i were you confront him, ask him why is he doing it? I guess a true friend is the one who does not only act real when you are together but also when she's at your back ^^