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@sameroad (3179)
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May 13, 2008 2:21pm CST
OK, I went to the forum and posted but no one answered me. well, at least they didn't HELP me. I guess they didn't understand what I was saying.. because they kept giving me the wrong answers. but anyway, what do you think i should do? I had requested payment Jan 25 but it was requested through paypal.. So I sent them a ticket asking if they could cancel my order because I wasn't sure if I was gonna get it because it was requested with paypal but everyone said just update your info with your alertpay email and it'll be sent there.. So I did that. but they also told me bux can not cancel any orders once they've been placed.. BUT the next day I had $24 and before I sent the ticket I only had $13? or something.. but I still have $10 showing in my history as pending payment. so that means I have earned a total of $34 or whatever BUT i only have 2199+ clicks which doesn't= $30 it should only= $20 something.. So if they can't cancel orders then where did that extra $10 come from? Do you think I should send them another ticket or just wait and see if get paid? It would be cool because that would mean I got $10 FREE! lol
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13 May 08
hello, eh...maybe that extra cash you see on your account comes from referrals?...just a thought there. hope they pay you, regardless where is coming from :)