what is the best way to have an ideal flowerhorn fish?

@chubibo (295)
May 14, 2008 2:17am CST
hi, i have a new pet, a flowerhorn fish, i want to participate in a competition..what would be the best way to nurse a flowerhorn fish?
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@nielcdg (709)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
First of all make sure you bought a good fish, don't buy the ones with really big heads when they are little. Start up with just a 3 inch baby with a small hump and a wide body. Then start feeding it premium flowerhorn foods make sure that the color enhancers are all natural don't buy they ones that are artificially synthesized because it will interfere with the fish's breeding in the future. Give the fish lots of room, first in a 10 gallon tank the when it grows three more inches bigger and bigger. The key for a big Kok and good color is water quality and acidity and diet. Feed them lots of live foods like mosquito larvae, small guppies and river shrimps for better color. And never knock on the fishy's tank, let it be agressive so don't scare it. A fish that gets scared will loose its hormones for good color and Kok because it becomes a coward and won't be as territorial anymore. Don't be too clean with it either by changing water every week or some every other day, keep the water quality by removing 1/4 of the water once a week. And put some Indian almond leave to give the water a yellowish tinge to improve acidity :)