Forgiveness in Life

@mjmlagat (3171)
May 14, 2008 3:13am CST
It is easy to say, "I forgive you" but because of man's pride and arrogance, the line means nothing but a blabber. Oftentimes people commit mistakes and people forgive, but how often does one genuinely and totally forgive? By that we should mean: forgetting what the erroneous act was and taking away even the slightest tint of anger or hatred inside our hearts! Human as we are, we'll consider it phenomenal to happen. But maybe depending on the offense made, total forgiveness can happen in our lives sometime on an indefinite future. But let's NOT waste ourselves! What is life spent in hatred and unforgiveness?
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• Philippines
14 May 08're right!!!... "HATRED" is just burden in life that can add hindrance to let us MOVE what we want.... for me to hate someone is like acting yourself fool..a mother loser and a sign of being weak.... *so glad i wasn't hate someone in my life..not even my top enemy in life*.. *jUST CHILL# @jam@ ~live life~ keep it simple ***
@sunkissed (4330)
• United States
14 May 08
You are very right. I to however much easier to forgive someone, than to forget.But the bitterness and anger can eat away at us until we are very sad and lonly people.I have found that Through God we can forgive all things.But it is not often easy, it sometimes will take a little time.For some things will hurt us so very badly that we think we will never get over them.But we must forgive eventually or a part of us will be missing.