Brownies and Ice cream.... wow!!

@pitstop (10019)
May 14, 2008 4:23am CST
Have you ever tried this combo? We had chocolate brownies at home and some plain vanilla ice-cream. We warmed up the brownies in the microwave and added the ice cream and bingo! It was more delicious than I imagined - quite mouth watering! Have you tried this combo?
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@bjcyrix (6907)
• Philippines
14 May 08
Hi! Glad you found a delicious dessert combo.^_^ that kind of dessert is actually available in restaurants here and I think KFC has one too. they call it Brownie ala Mode. The ice cream on top is not vanilla sometimes. It can be Double Dutch, Cookies and Cream, or basically any other ice cream flavor that is available but is best and commonly served with those flavors that have vanilla flavors in it. Well, now you're making me miss that dessert. I havent eaten one of them in ages. They need to be served when you're ready to eat it though because I had an experience my first time to eat it that we ordered it served right away and we still had to eat our meal and so you could guess the ice cream almost melted to just 'cream'.^_^ I had to eat fast hat time and even if the ice cream as melted it still tasted really really good. I love it sprinkled with nuts by the way. Enjoy!^_^