Do you allow your kids to got enternet cafe?

South Korea
May 14, 2008 4:27am CST
today generation, kids like to go enternet cafe to play games..they said its good to be there than playing games at home..for me its not good coz its not a good enfluence for them..i wondering why some parents allow you allow your kids to go there?
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@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
14 May 08
I don't have any kids and I agree with you, staying in a public cafe together with different young friends is very scary for me, they will tend to explore anything that will lead them to have more curious on things and try it later on. We all know that just a simple type of word, everything will pop up through internet, not very healthy for young not unless they have supervision with a parents or older siblings! Though some internet blocked those sites which are not good for the kids but still the assurance is not perfect!
• South Korea
23 May 08
yes thats true..thank you.
• United States
23 May 08
Thanks for the BR marketing! Happy posting!
@lkbooi (16093)
• Malaysia
23 May 08
I definitely won’t allow my kids playing games in the cybercafé, though I know there is more interesting and excited to play games there in group. They usually played in group for certain games by linking the network. I had been there several times when my computer was sent for repairing. I found the air there was polluted by smoke though there was a non smoking area. The customers there including most of the kids were rather impolite and uttered indecent words whenever they did badly in the games.
• South Korea
23 May 08
yes youre right the atmosphere is not good there thats why it is not good for kids..thanks
@jban0811 (98)
• Australia
18 Jun 08
Hmm, as a teenager I got to admit, it's fun going to the internet cafe. Especially when you go there with friends. Rather than just staying at home playing games by myself, I can be in the same room with friends and play games together. Personally I think this gives chance for children to hang around together rather than just meeting together on the internet.