How many of you have verified paypal account? - .......
@figjam00 (1446)
May 14, 2008 10:54pm CST
I am a unverified paypal member because I don't have credit card to verify it and even if I have I won't verify it because I don't have much transaction on paypal. What about you?
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• Romania
15 May 08
I am verified. You can do it very simply. Get Yourself a Payoneer debit card (, load it with whatever sum you want and then use it for verification. You can't get money out from paypal with it (it's mastercard and they are still stuck with Visa :) ).
@Alnitak (423)
• Italy
15 May 08
I have it verified but only because I have a pre-paid credit card that I use to buy something online from time to time. With that kind of cards usually you don't even need to have a bank account, I've paid it 5€ and in 5 minutes they gave it to me. When I have to charge it I pay 1€ fee and usually there are no other fees for online transactions. They're also useful for teenagers that can't buy online because they don't have a credit card, so I suggest you make a search about what you can find in your country.
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
15 May 08
You dont need a credit card to verify your account, a bank account will do that too. Also you can send and receive and withdraw money even with unverified account though you had a limit of money to do that.
@lynnchua (3415)
• Singapore
15 May 08
Hi figjam, I'm just like you. I have not verified paypal yet because I don't have any transaction yet.