what to bring?

May 15, 2008 3:19am CST
if your going to a beach what important things you will bring?
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@jyjnl_jia (429)
• China
15 May 08
If you are going to a beach ,you should to bring swimsuit, sunglass and suntan oil which are essential.Also,you can take something you like such as ipod.
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@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
15 May 08
If I am going to a tropical beach I like to take a high factor suncream with me. If there is a coral reef just off the coastline I like to bring my snorkeling mask and my beach shoes. It is lovely if I take along a beach mat to sit on and when I go swimming it is essential for me to have a towel. I either wear my swimming costume and then put my clothes over the top of it until I swimming or I bring my bathing wear and change into it. I usually wear sunglasses when I am sitting on the beach and sometimes I will put on my sun hat when it is really sunny weather.
@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
16 May 08
Thanks for the best response. I really love to go to tropical beaches and the most beautiful ones that I have seen were those in the Seychelles. Wow!
@Hatley (164229)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Jul 08
a broad brimmed hat, a towel, and your prercious bottleof sunscreen 30 so you can reapply as needed. also swiming suit and something cold to drink. lol.
@jashley1 (746)
• United States
19 Jun 08
The most important things to bring are the following: Sunscreen, hat, cooler with drinks and plenty of water, towels, chairs, a canopy, food, and buckets for your kids! Enjoy!
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
the most important to bring when i am going to a beach is the sunblock lotion. i'm aware of my skin to be affected by sunburn.
@emma412 (1156)
• United States
15 Jun 08
I always have a bathing suit, sunglasses, book, towel and beach chair. I used to live at the beach and grew up there and these were all of the essentials that I took with me on every trip. If I remembered I would bring a radio too but I didn't consider it an essential item.
@Valenas (1509)
• United States
14 Jun 08
It depends on who is going with you. Definitely bring sunscreen and/or tanning oil, depending on who is there and their intent; Swimsuits; Somewhere between one and two towels per person, having extra is always good.
• India
15 May 08
important thngs that i ll bring are swimsuit, glasses and moisturiser.