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November 1, 2006 11:15pm CST
I am a 25 year old Australian who has written hundreds of poems and I'd like to see what everyone thinks. I'll start off with an easy one. "Sellout" written by David L. Riley 30/10/2006 "Oh no... I was sold down the river again Oh no... I felt that rage again The pain of apathy This can't be happening to me Forgive me for I have sinned again Bathe me in light As I fall from grace again I am a fool I am a fool I've sold...I've sold...I've sold everything I've sold...I've sold...I've sold everything Give me back my soul Please give me back my soul And I'm not sure what I did And I've got nothing left to give I'm not the man I used to be There's not much left of me now I got to get it back somehow For all you took from me, it's not as much as I sold freely I gave you my soul You TOOK my heart Can't we start again, get back to the start? No? THOUGHT NOT! THOUGHT NOT! THOUGHT NOT! You are the God that makes me whole For you I'd sell my soul You are the Goddess that makes me whole To taste you I'd sell my SOUL! MY SOUL! MY SOUL! MY SOUL! MY SOUL! Oh no, you're here again Press delete Bow at your feet You're gone again, YOU'RE GONE AGAIN! YOU'RE GONE AGAIN! For you I'd sell everything For you I'd sell everything For you I'd sell everything For you I'd sell every...thing..."
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
13 Dec 06
Wow, What a wonderful poem, I sure can related to alot of it. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading others you have to share. If you want to read mine just use a search engine and type DNatureofDTrain that should lead you to my page with my poems and writings, or search on MyLot search I have some of them tagged. Take Care,- DNatureofDTrain