did you earn money with stock trading games

@nomsyd (69)
May 15, 2008 7:49am CST
i want to start trading stocks, but would like to start with sites that allow you earn money while playing stock games. so if you have a similar site to stockwe please let it out.thanks
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@kingcrapper (1536)
• United States
15 May 08
I would recommend going to a website called stockbuilder. This site allows you to research stocks and start accounts with auto bank withdraws. You can't play a 'game' through it but I have been having a great time nabbing 'penny' stocks (those under $1) and watching them grow in value. What is fun is grabbing one that has a value of 2 cents and buy 1000 shares. Is this damngerous? I could lose all my money (a grand total of $20!) but if it gains just 1 penny in value I earned a 50% return on my investment! Try to get those rates with your local bank! I think there is a forex site out there you can play around with foriegn exchanging monies. I have an account but haven't had time to revisit it. If you can't find it let me know and I will look it up for you! :-)
• United States
15 May 08
Too me it is really addictive! I bought into a stock at $2.50 thinking I'll just get 6 shares and see what happens. It dropped to 1.35 but is now at 4.50! I should so have nabbed more when it was low! What I like about the site is the idea that I can research and have the funds taken from my bank account either once or once a month. If you factor in dollar-cost averaging investing in the stock market is a great thing. Personally I am using my 'Vegas Technique': have a buy in and walk away value. When a stock get to a certain level I buy it by the ton and when it reaches another level I dump it and invest in something else. The profits from one is used to get more of another! :-) Have fun with it! Glad I could share!
@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
15 May 08
Hi, This discussion is interesting. May I use my PayPal money to invest and buy stock? How to make money from stock market? I very weak at this. Do you have any techniques that can reduce losses and increase winnning rate in stock market?
• United States
15 May 08
I would be happy to share what I know and have experienced. Of course, I am no expert but am very excited about what I am doing! As far as paypal, the site I use only takes money from a savings or checking account. Best thing is to make a transfer from paypal to your bank account and then transfer it to your stock account. From there you can invest in your stocks. If you have a regular job (income) you can even set it up wher they will take money out on a monthly basis if your choose. I would recommend this because it is 'brainless' (no thought involved) and the fees are lower. As far as reducing risk is concerned, when you sign up for an account it will run you through a quetionaire to see what your 'risk tolerance' is. From there it will recommend some stocks to invest in. I would recommend that you do an monthly investment in these. If you want to 'play harder' like I am, let your monthly investments run it's course and then do some research on different stocks that you like (there is a 'research' tab on the site). Invest a little here and there. Once you get your own 'system' down it will be addictive. Please feel free to add me as a friend so we can share more as it comes along! I really love this topic! :-)
@BYOLA2871 (4371)
• South Africa
16 May 08
unfortunately i have never veen involved in any of these sites that deal in stock games but i will advise you to be careful so as not to loose any of your money in this endeavour there are so many fraudulent sites in that category these days.