Touchy Teachers

United States
May 15, 2008 8:31am CST
Again, with my school we got some problems. But this time it was alittle touchy feeling situation with a girl I sit next to in accounting class. We were going over some worksheets and he came up behind and look down at her sheet and found a mistake. He pointed out the error on her paper and as he pulled his hand away he went to put his hand on her shoulder and made a remark regarding the mistake. However, his hand "missed" her shoulder and cuped her breast. Her reaction was an "omg, he really just did that." He laughed and jokingly made a comment and said he was sorry. now normaly stuff happens and accidents are made. However, he is known for his angry attitude at nobody understanding what we're doing and his flirtatious mentality toward the girls in the class. It made us believe that it may have been on purpose. He has stated before when we got off topic talking about super powers, he stated that he wanted a power to undo the girls bra from the back of class. Maybe it's just his sense of humour or maybe he thinks becasue he's retiring he can get away with the things he does. Either way, he is a bit sketchy at times. The girl, joked abuot it and said she didn't want to tell anyone as she accepted it as a mistake. She does use it to her advantage. If he tells her to be quiet or something she can remark, "Or what, you'll touch me a little but.." It wasn't as serious but it just makes you wonder. And i'm sure worse stuff happens all the time. what would you have done in the siuation. Would you have used it to your advantage, sued for some money, or played along? Just amkes you wonder about the school systems and the powers teachers think they have.
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
15 May 08
whaaat??? gee...if that we me, i would have reported him righ away to authorities. but i guess your classmate is using this to her advantage huh? gee, that is still not a decent thing for teachers to do. good day!
@katsmeow1213 (28895)
• United States
15 May 08
In my opinion, someone should be told. If it was an honest mistake, then let the authorities decide that. Perhaps it has happened before and they're assuming he's behaving now. Either way, it's for the authorities to decide, not the students who know little about this teacher or his record. Also, that girl needs to not resort to blackmail. This teacher's mistake should not be used to her advantage. That just shows that she knows it was wrong, but since she feels she can get something out of it, she will let it slide. What if next time it's worse and she could have prevented it by saying something now?