Joke Number 33....whats that one????

@devtina (371)
May 15, 2008 2:38pm CST
There was a club where people met and each one had to say a joke. And any one passing by the club could hear non stop laughter from inside the Club. One Mr. X heard the laughter from outside and decided to visit the club and see what jokes made people laugh so. He joined a table where 2-3 members were already seated and on the stage there was a person who said Number 45 and all present in the club started to laugh like mad. Then another person went to the stage and he called out another number 88 and then everyone broke into peals of laughter. Now Mr. X got all the more curious he didnt understand a word. So he tapped his neighbour and quietly asked him...Why do people just say numbers on the stage and all of you laugh for it. And to that his neighbour replied smiling " Oh well we have been members here for such a long time now and we dont waste time telling the joke we have assigned a number to each of our jokes and so instead of saying the joke itself we just call out the number and we hearing the number recall the joke and that makes us laugh" Now Mr. X thought oh thats pretty simple and easy and thought i could do such a simple thing as well...he then went to the stage and as he had heard a few numbers being called out already and decided to call a number that was not called before so he called out Number 33. There was utter silence in the that made him all the more worried wondering if he had said a wrong number...but then he thought to himself numbers upto 88 have gone by and i havent heard any one call this number before why isnt anyone laughing...then he came back quietly to his seat..and asked his neighbour..."Now what did i do wrong ,was that not the right Joke number" to which the neighbour sitting there answered..." well my dear friend its just not the joke which matters its the way you tell the joke that has to be right" ... SO my friends ...saying this joke i now wonder if i made u all silent or sadder or did u atleast smile :D :) Thanks for sharing your views or smiles ;)
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@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
16 May 08
This is really weird and I might be out of my depth here. It must be really funny. But I am sorry to say I missed it.