Picky eater.

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May 15, 2008 4:27pm CST
I have 3 small boys, ages 5, 3, and 9 months old. My 5 year old and my baby seem to be wonderful eaters. My 3 year old however is not. There is not much he likes. Every time get him to taste something new he gags. It doesn't seem like he eats as much either. I have brought it up with his doctor, and they say its normal and that he will eat when he is hungry. I am worried is isnt eating enough. Does anyone have any advice on how to get him to eat?
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15 May 08
First, don't worry. My children were the exact same way. One still as, actually. And just like the doctor says, it's pretty normal. They'll eat when they need to and you would be surprised at how little they need to eat. I have learned with my four year old that doesnt like to eat, to try to find things with the right consistancy. For example, she loves cheese...if it's hard. She won't eat melted or soft cheese in any way. She won't even eat mac and cheese! So I buy her cubed cheese or shredded cheese. And with pasta. She will only eat things like ramen noodles or a similar pasta that pretty much just has seasoning. No sauces whatsoever. lol With meats, she eats chicken and pork really well. She wouldnt eat any kind of beef until she tasted steak. So, now I give her things that resemble steak. (otherwise it would get too expensive!) As far as veggies, she likes them raw..so they aren't mushy. lol I have also learned a couple other things: a) If they help make it, they are more likely to eat it. I let her help stir things and do other little things that she can. b) If it goes on a stick, they'll eat it. We turn anything we can into a kabob. lol Fruits and veggies are the best. But it even works with meats. Just give them some kind of dipping sauce and there ya go! :) c) Somehow, we make it a game. Broccoli are trees (although she will only eat the leaves!) Sunflower seeds when she wants to be a bird. Stuff like that... Good luck!
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16 May 08
great advise, i have actually done the broccoli are trees game, and he plays along, but still gags occasionally. the few things he will eat i try to make often so i do see him eat, but i dont want to burn him out on..oh the worries of motherhood