does your dog bite your nose??

@tonibabe (189)
May 15, 2008 4:56pm CST
my dog is always trying to bite my nose not in a nasty way tho! my husband and i think shes trying to be affectionate in her own wierd way but it really hurts when she catches my nose wrong! do your dogs do this? do they do anything strange like this?
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• United States
9 May 09
i might be a little late not sure if your dog still does this but i havea chinese crested little boy (2) who licks and bites/trys to chew on my nose, its really cute and funny, he also gives me little baby bites, he will lick me and then start to bite kind of like as if he were to bite himself for fleas (he doesnt have any obviously because hes almost hairless and well maintained) sometimes he will be cuddling with me on the couch and tilt his head back into my face and just start licking and trying to bite and chew my nose, i think its cute and affectionate it doesnt hurt, but when i laugh and pull away he trys harder as if hes trying to get a smile out of me.
6 Jun 08
Well my dog doesn't do this but u don't need to worry because dogs are very faithful and as such they love their masters and try to show their affection for their masters and this behaviour is an example of ur dog's affection for u
@snowy22315 (76211)
• United States
15 May 08
My dog is very gentle and does not bite nose, fingers or anything else. We are gentle with him and he seems to want to reciprocate the favor. I used to have a dog who bit my finges and it was painful. i don't think he was trying to hurt us on purpose it was just his way.
• Canada
15 May 08
The dogs I've had have nevr done this to me, but oddly enough, my CAT does this to me all the time!! I really have to watch him, and be ready to playfully move him aside with my hands, in ordr for him not to hurt my nose. I think it is a form of affection.