Which is the most powerful rival of MJ in his career ?

May 16, 2008 4:48am CST
There are many talented players in MJ`s career.Which is the most powerful rival? Thomas,Barkely,Robinson,Malone,or Miller?Make your choice.
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@elmiko (6637)
• United States
21 May 08
I would probably have to say Thomas because they had to get through the pistons before they started winning all their championships. Thomas prepared Jordan for the next level.
• Australia
3 Jun 08
im gonna go with Thomas he had good game that really got mj playing to his best
• United States
5 Mar 11
Growing up watching the bulls as i did Micheal jordan have alot of key rivals. The obvious ones are isiah thomas, joe dumars and the bad boy pistons. 2nd is patrick ewing and John starks and the New York Knicks. You can also throw in reggie miller, karl malone, and a lesser extent byran russell. Its very hard to choose MJ's biggest rival since so many had big time battles against him.
@Bradpete (822)
• Philippines
28 Sep 09
I saw him, he was being blocked by Artest and Kemp. And he became more Powerful in the game. In greatness his rival are Magic and Bird. But in his prime Malone is his chief rival in scoring they are the only 2 with 30 or more points per game.
@Bradpete (822)
• Philippines
1 Aug 09
On defense is Gary Payton and D. Motumbo.
@angel1001 (114)
• China
23 Jun 08
in the forepart of his career,I have to say,Thomas iwas the most powerful rival.MJ learnt much from Thomas.But then MJ had no a rival who is powerful enough.He is invincible.
@fpd1955 (2075)
• United States
18 Jun 08
Living in Chicago and getting the privilege to watch MJ and the Bullies win those 6 championships in the 90's, I got to hear MJ speak of other players often. During the times the Bulls played the Pistons, he would often refer to Joe Dumars as one of, if not the toughest defender he ever faced. Those other players you mention didn't guard MJ, Dumars did. Until MJ realized he had to "share" the basketball, he had fits with Dumars. The rest is history. PEACE