help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fast...........

May 16, 2008 4:50am CST
hello plz tell me how to make money from mylot,how can i make money here and maximum how much i can make from here.i joined it i am new here can anyone help me.plz fast
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@smacksman (6072)
16 May 08
Well you need to type more words to each discussion and reply for a start. MyLot looks to quality posts and this means that they need to be over 40 or 50 words long and spaced over several sentences. And naturally, they have to be relevent to the topic raised. You have a long way to go but if you set a mission, a goal, each day to make 30 posts, for instance, then you will be suprised how quickly the cents add up. Good luck.
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• India
16 May 08
Post as many as responses to the discussions or post discussions along with this you can also earn more from mylot by posting images for each discussion and interests. The best way to earn is thru referrals. Ask your friends or try to arrange referrals referrals under you as they work you can also earn.
@djedtek (231)
• United States
16 May 08
aight what you need to do is first get your post count up, second actually create some conversation generating topics and post some picture and you'll be okay! if you can do that on a good level of consistency then you'll be okay! look for some interest that might suit you. once you've done that you wont even notice your here for the money! just kick back and enjoy yourself!
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• United States
16 May 08
If you're here looking for Fast money, you're in the wrong place. You can make some money at MyLot but it isn't a large amount and it isn't fast. Looking for fast money on the internet is just setting yourself up for failure. Don't get taken by the scams out there just because you want the quick buck.