Do u act agresiv?

@iulyanho (193)
May 16, 2008 6:52am CST
Do you act agresiv when u play computer games or doing someone hits you? I act agresive at both of them on the computer i'm verry agresive,when just i lose or somting bad hapens in the game i just smash my keybord...:-S i want to get rid of this you thing is from my adiction for computer games...? Same when sombody hits me i hit him 2 and if he hits me again i think i cna start a fight if i'm verry angry... Dose those things hapens to u 2?
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@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
16 May 08
Zes, sometzimes i act aggresiv becasue someone provocs me or hurts me i usualy hurt back. I think thats nature and that happens more to man than to womans. Maybe theres a biger part of the mans brain that gets zou aggresiv and a smaller one to womans. Althought some people get agresiv easier.
• India
16 May 08
hi there, don't mind but i think the problem lies within you. excitement to some extenet is good.. it keeps you going but rage is not good. in case of games what i feel is it happens while playing person out of anxiety acts a bit wierd but smashing the key board....... i don't know what to say. you talked about solution. it might seem funny to you but i wud suggest you to try this out. when ever you get angry on some things instead of making your own loss, shut your eyes for 4-5 sec's n say to yourself its okay to get angry but i won't let you come out rather finish you off n smile. in case of getting angry on some person if you know what is being said is useless try n smile n say to yourself in heart" how well this person manages to change expressions so fast.." n u'll result in laughing out.. this is how i feel helps at times..