Do you believe what the teacher may say about your child?

@cream97 (29163)
United States
May 16, 2008 8:59am CST
If your child's teacher said that your child has done something wrong in class, and she caught him or another student caught him, would you believe what she told you?
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@sisterjinx (1136)
• United States
16 May 08
Before I started homeschooling I had many occasions of teachers making up stories or exagerating stories about things my children did. So not always would I believe a teacher. I have always tried to trust my children. My youngest is honest to a fault. More often than not he tells on himself. My oldest was a little more manipulative. I would have to take more time talking with him to ascertain the truth. But usually my kids were honest about what they did or said. My way of thinking is don't trust either story. Take both and get a third perspective then you decide what the truth is.
@p_vadla (1687)
• India
16 May 08
Whether teacher says or not I would make my own assessment. I have some targets and I'd always look for achieving those.
@jessieBee (1046)
• Trinidad And Tobago
16 May 08
Well cream I'm a teacher and as a teacher we don't lie on students, we have better things to do. I would believe her once the story makes sense. And I as a parent should know my child, and know what my child is capable of doing.
@tizlizzy (32)
16 May 08
Well, if the teacher witnessed the "wrongdoing" then I suppose I would be inclined to believe it. If it was another pupil then I would be inclined to have doubts. But I suppose it depends on what the incident was, the age of the child, whether the child has ever been untruthful to the parent. There are so many variables that I think it's difficult to give a straightforward answer.