how long this earth will hold out ??

May 16, 2008 10:56am CST
We have a lot seeing natural disaster, and also news about global warming. How long this earth will survive?
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• India
17 May 08
May be in few centuries. We know whenever construction happens, destruction too happens. Yes. Previously, there's a disease called malaria. An medicine is constructed for it. In few more years, diseases like chicken-gunya, Dengue are borne. We constructed medicine for Cholera, And then AIDS and SARS are borne. Similarly, if we construct an engine that reduce pollution, many destructions occurs(likewise). Hence Earth will come to an end in few more centuries like an old Black hole. And similarly, when this earth destruction occurs, one more construction may also occurs. i.e Few more planets can take birth for living organisms. And likewise, there are many discoveries happened that life is also happens in Moon and Mars. And few more people earth can be transported from earth to them.
• Indonesia
19 May 08
Thanks for your response, maybe in a few centuries, people can live in other planets, such as Mars, Yupiter, because the earth that we use to live haved blow up forever .
@pterion (419)
• India
16 May 08
Oh you hear the crescendo picking up to its peak....i have been an Apocalypse junkey for many years now...strangely i hope the earth blows up. Of course logically it wont blow up but its getting more uninhabitable day by day...Bad times are ahead man.