All About MBA ( Basics of Masters Of Business Administration )

May 16, 2008 12:24pm CST
Here all those who are preparing for admission to any MBA institute or Currently doing their MBA degrees they can share what they have learned today... in college , in way to office or any where , any innovative idea that clicks your mind. From my side: Management is basically all about managing the "4-M"s : 1.Men 2.Money 3.Material 4.Machinery actually all the above and 5.Information are the resources to a manager , that is to be effectively used to get the desired output or result. And all those managers can be called effective who can use all those resources effectively by following some steps of work like: 1. Planing 2. Organizing 3. Staffing 4. Leading 5. Controlling. all these are the processes by which the effective manager usually manipulate there Resources. for the time this is enough. Next day I'll Explain about Planing. Now i like to hear from you. What ever come to your mind share it. have a nice day. bbye.
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