Which is your favorite decade for music?

@kel1483 (986)
United States
May 16, 2008 1:52pm CST
Which decade do you like the most music from? Why do you think that is? Was there any albums or bands from that time that you really loved and still love now? For me, it's the 1990's. I know a lot of people think that the 90's kind of sucked, but I love it. One of the biggest reasons, is because it is the decade that I kind of developed my own musical taste. I no longer was listening to what my parents listened to. I was finding what I liked, musically, during the 90's. My cousin, who is three years older than me, got me into grunge and industrial music. When I was about 12, Green Day's album 'Dookie' became the first cd I ever bought. It really signaled my musical independence. I don't listen to much of the newer Green Day, but that album was really vital to me developing my current musical taste. The only band that I really still listen to from the early 90's is Nine Inch Nails. I still love their old music and I love the new stuff. I like to make mixed cd's of the stuff that I listened to from the 90's. Or I will take out my box of old cd's (the ones I don't listen to regularly, that I store away) and put some of them in. Sometimes it'll be some Nirvana, other times it's the Backstreet Boys. I listened to so many different types of music then and it's fun to reminisce sometimes.
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@kmt2207 (47)
16 May 08
I too loved the 90s but for different reasons. In my late teens in the mid 90's just starting to go to pubs and clubs, and so many songs from that era remind me of people i met, dancing the night away, getting hammered no worries ahh good times.....................
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@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
16 May 08
i really love the 20's and 30's for really early jazz; the 40's for big band; the 60's for crazy folk music and i guess the 80's for rock, but i also like some of the 90's for rock and even now.
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16 May 08
I think it would have to be the 90's. Thats when all my favorite bands began to get more attention.