Global Warming tied to Obesity?!? WTF!!

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May 16, 2008 2:32pm CST
You can't make this stuff up folks. But apparently someone has. Check out the New York Times article online written by John Tierney under TierneyLab. Once again, most people are compelled to "pick on the fat kid" so to speak. Is this what tax and research dollars are going to? Gimme a fvckin' break. Are people that rude-insane-desperate-grasping at straws- idiots? Check out the article and read the testimonials. I would've reposted it here, but alas I cannot because I don't have 500 points or some wacky BS like that. Whatever. Peace MyLot-keteers and play nice, even w/ us big kids. We're not plague ridden you know. Out.
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@Destiny007 (5820)
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17 May 08
I saw that article and nearly started a discussion on it. I cannot believe the lengths to which the Global Warming Alarmists will go to try and link everything but the Sun and water vapor to global warming. Like a vehicle's engine is really going to notice a few extra pounds... but you know that somewhere there are a group who are going to snap this little tidbit up as further proof that man is causing global warming. When it comes to global warming/climate change, the stupidity knows no bounds.
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16 May 08
Sounds like the hystericals have found the perfect storm: obesity and global warming. Hey, let's link them and really scare people. Geez. The obesity epidemic is a joke. Here's the real figues: 10 years ago 8% of kids were obese, today it is 16%. To the hystericals, this means everyone is fat and must immediately go on a diet until we are all unhealthily thin. And we must spend hours and hours working out instead of being productive. Don't even get me started on global warming.