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United States
May 16, 2008 4:44pm CST
i kinda like the little change in story of ironman in the newly released movie compared to that of the animated movie. the story really clicked with the current relationship of the US to Middle East. also, making Jarvis an AI is more suitable & gave uniqueness. instead of making him as a human, jarvis would be likely as Alfred of Batman. what do you think guys?
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• United States
17 May 08
I liked that change as well..i really loved that robot that kept dousing him with that fire hose thing..."put that thing down...you make me feel like im going to spontaneously combust"...it was priceless ^_^ i cant wait till this movie comes out on dvd. Marvel seems to be consistently releasing good quality movies lately. i was impressed with Ironman...cant wait to see whats next.
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• United States
24 May 08
That part with the fire hose thing was so funny, wasn't it? I loved that!