best dish to cook???

May 17, 2008 3:41am CST
I've been planning enroll for a cooking lesson but I am undecided what to cook? What cooking is the most profitable? :0)
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• Philippines
17 May 08
for me, a very thorough assessment and surveying in your commercial areas on which foods are an easy hit and which are'nt. It should be something not common, delicious but affordable. Decide on whether you'll go for main dishes,desserts, baking,grills,specialized drinks,etc. If you're still trying to learn the art of cooking, its always best to begin mastering your favorite dishes.Thats where you can start--with something you definitely love to eat! You see, when you love something--its always easy to do and you get around giving it your best because you simply love it! Good luck with your cooking!
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