May 17, 2008 3:46am CST
Recently, i came across several webpages offering ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS wherein you WORK AT HOME and supposedly earn $250 - $1,000 per day.You register for a FEE of $40 or so and they start emailing you DATA ENTRY FORMS to fill up. After which, you already start earning in less than 20 minutes by SIMPLY TYPING ONLINE FORMS FOR THEM. I am almost tempted to join but the fee is rather not encouraging.$40 is not a joke.They even welcome international aliens like me..:) There are also FREE MEMBERSHIP PAGES with similar offers.ITS JUST TOOOO MUCH TO take in for just a few minutes of surfing around! whew. ARE THESE SITES FOR REAL or are they just one of those SCAMS on the loose? Do they really pay you that much?? I know this thread is one of those topics similar to the PTC sites you all mentioned about.I'm rather new to these things. But I know I can get some honest sharing of information here.Thanks!
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20 Oct 09
You should never pay anyone to work for them. People pay you to work. That's the way it goes. If it were really possible to make that kind of money in one day, wouldn't everyone be doing it? For most of these posts the "job" is getting other people to respond to similar posts. You then get paid when someone else pays the $40 fee. It's a scam through and through. Making money online is possible, but it's hard work. Don't be lured in my websites promising impossible dividends for a very small time investment.
@elisa812 (3031)
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17 May 08
I have heard of things like that too, but I don't really trust them. I would say that if the place makes you pay money just to get started on it, then it sounds like a scam to me. I always just stick the sites that are free to join, cause at least if it does turn out to be a scam and I don't make any money, then I may have wasted some time, but at least I didn't pay a lot of money out of pocket for it. :)