what scene was it....

May 17, 2008 7:52am CST
do you remember the details of the scene where forest gump was being chased and he was running with a brace on his leg? do you know what happened when he continued to run? what are thoughts on that film?
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19 May 08
Wow what a powerful Movie, I loved this movie! OK what happened when he continued to run was your question. I could almost feel the fear and the passion he had for Jenny his Dear Heart. How tired forest must have felt while he was running. Forest was hearing his girl-friend Jenny's innocent voice yelling,"RUN FOREST RUN!" I remember him out-running the car full of bullies. Then Forest out-ran his leg problems, the braces became weak and the screws miraculously came loose, and crumbled to the ground, Forest didn't need them anymore! "WOW what a miraculous inpact that part of the movie was... it was two miracles in disquise. I believe God gave him strength, he was able to bacome a running back for a famous football team because of his fast running abilities. What a wonderful movie this was. Have you seen "The Green Mile" yet?
@smacksman (6072)
17 May 08
'Run, Forest, run!!' Jenny cried and he did and the braces disintegrated and flew to bits and Forest kept on running from the bullies. One of my all time favorite films that brings a tear to my eyes each time I watch it. Especially when he is talking over Jenny's grave at the end of the film - 'Jenny, I do miss you' - sniff, sniff, pass me the tissues.