How read quickly?

@cross10 (506)
May 17, 2008 10:43am CST
Is it possible to read thick book such novel in one day?BEcause my lecture is able to do that and he a bit freak person. Well here i don't want to be able to do that, but at least is there any tips to be able to read fast from you. Thx a lot
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@obidan (367)
• Romania
17 May 08
Reading fast isn't something you can actually learn, I have read a lot of books and developed a faster reading, so I can read very large books in a low amount of time. I can't really explain it, but if you read enough your brain can read faster. For example first time I played Warcraft, I couldn't read that fast, but after a while, I could read the messages and still have time to react to what the guy was saying , so I don't die or something.
@cross10 (506)
• Indonesia
21 May 08
So what i catch from what you saying is, we need to get more experience in reading the book, in order to get faster in reading..Well anyway thx a lot for giving the tips
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
20 May 08
Yes its possible. If the book is really good, I can read one thick book 600-800 pages in one day. I had read thousands of books and have train myself to read fast at some part of the book, usually when I read at not too interesting part.
• Philippines
20 May 08
Honestly, IT IS POSSIBLE. It so depends upon the reader and the book. If the book is good but the reader is a slow reader, then, the reader would finish the book slow. If the reader is a fast reader but the book isn't good, he might just throw away the book or read it bit by bit. If both the book is good and the reader is fast in reading, then, the perfect combination that is, the THICK book could possibly read in less than one day, without the errands, daily chores, work and studies. To be able to read fast, you must practice. You shouldn't just waste your time idling around and wish that you could read really fast; you need to do something to improve yourself.
@Bd200789 (2994)
• United States
18 May 08
Yes, it is possible. I don't know if there are any tips, though. I read quickly, but I read all the time, so I don't know if reading more helps or not.